Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring in the Sea of Cortez

Indigo and her crew are enjoying the best of life on the boat - spring in the Sea of Cortez. We left La Paz behind ten days ago, and were lucky with three great days of southerly winds, so that we could sail north flying our spinnaker. The odd photo above shows the bottom of the colorful sail, with a view of one of the coastal fishing villages beneath.

We stayed at anchor in the bay of Agua Verde for five days while the wind blew hard from the north. This vista is looking north from the hillsides that surround the bay, showing the wind driven waves. Hard to imagine that the water in the protected bay behind me was calm and green.

We hiked all over the hills and valleys surrounding the anchorage, and talked with some of the locals. This boy was very eager to show us his favorite chicken. 

Spring really is a great time in the Sea of Cortez, in part because there are more boats here now, and there are more gatherings and opportunities to meet new people. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Future Crew Member Appears!

Introducing Maya Grace Gigler, born March 24th to our son, Sam Taylor, and his wife, Kate Gigler.  Maybe we are jumping the gun, but she is a keen and happy creature, and we think she is good crew material. 

Backing up a bit, we spent February traveling, first to Mazatlan, where we stopped for a week, and then on to the Sea of Cortez. In late March we returned to La Paz, tied up the boat in a marina, and flew to Portland to welcome the new baby and share some time with her parents, and extended family and friends. 

Our time in Portland coincided with a long spell of very fine, sunny, warm spring weather. All the flowering trees - cherries, magnolias, and crabapples - burst into full bloom. Walking or driving around the city was a delight.

And, of course, we spent alot of time holding the baby. Eventually we had to leave her in the excellent care of her devoted, giddy parents.

Once aboard the airplane, there was no turning back. The jet stream was moving north to south as we headed to Los Angeles, and we had tail winds of 130 miles per hour.  Things are different up there in the jet stream; I never want to see winds of 130 mph on a sailboat.

We broke up our return trip with one night in San Jose del Cabo, where we stayed at the Hotel Casa Natalia, a study in color and great design. Now we are back in La Paz, have made some repairs, filled the boat with provisions, and are leaving momentarily for six more weeks in the Sea of Cortez.