Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's a Book!

As birth announcements go, this one is kind of late. The mate "gave birth" to this book in December, and reports that it was an unexpectedly moving experience.
This book is a log of our sixteen months on Indigo in 2008 and 2009. The pages were cut, preprinted with lines, and folded into folios before we left Portland. Then as we traveled, the mate made entries at odd intervals, illustrating these with the occasional sketch and thumbnail photos pasted in. Here are several sample pages:

Last fall the mate studied bookbinding techniques, and learned the steps to bind the pages together and encase them in a cover. It actually was kind of thrilling to see a stack of paper transformed into a physical book, to be able to flip through the pages and then thump it shut.

You can see more photos of the book, plus other bookarts projects and paintings done by the mate at this new site:

If you have been thinking that it is about time for the crew of Indigo to get up and go again, you are thinking along the same lines we are. We anticipate casting off from Portland around the beginning of July.