Thursday, September 03, 2009

Passage to Oregon

Early on Tuesday morning, September 2nd, we left foggy Bamfield and rounded the lighthouse at Cape Beale in a rough, uncomfortable sea. From there, we set a course due south for the overnight passage to Astoria, Oregon. We've made this trip along the Washington coast six times now, and this passage was the easiest, maybe because it started out rough, and got more and more settled. For a few stretches, we had enough wind to use the sail to steady the boat in the ocean swell, but never enough to sail. So we were a motor boat, encountering clear skies by mid afternoon, and enjoying the light of the nearly-full moon until just before dawn. And, before nightfall on Tuesday, we reaped the reward for traveling twenty miles offshore in the Pacific Ocean - a great sunset.
Now we are in Astoria, about to head up the Columbia River to Oregon. Even the Captain, who, with a willing crew, would sail around the world, seems to enjoy the sense of homecoming we get when landing in Astoria.