Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Light & Color!

We have now traveled from the Baja Peninsula across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan. Everywhere there is so much color! Snorkeling in Baja anchorages, we saw dozens of reef fish - even in cloudy water, their colors are amazing. I photographed this little King Angelfish off the entrance to Caleta Partida, using a waterproof camera that has stood up to five years of kayaking and hiking. This was the first time I tried to use it while snorkeling, and, though not the clearest, this is the photo that best captures the underwater colors. (The camera still works, miraculously, although it required several hours in intensive care for recovery.)

Mazatlan is crazy colorful in a different way. We have been zipping all over town on the open air, golf-cart taxis called Pulmonias, and viewing the brilliant sunshine and busy urban waterfront city in everchanging blurs. We did a long walk through a residential neighborhood yesterday, and encountered this bicycle-based broom vendor.

The Captain is crazy about Christmas lights, and has been perfecting his display of energy efficient L.E.D.'s. The cool white lights are an eerie and interesting contrast to the warm colors of the tropical sunset.