Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baja Gone Green

We had only imagined what it would be like to see brown, dry Baja California after a rainy season. It has been on our list of "miracles to observe". And now we have it - Baja California after heavy rains, with the mountains and valleys clothed in green. Above is the view into El Triumfo, an old mining town in the mountains south of La Paz.

Although rainfall was recent - August and September - some plants are beginning to push impressive flowers, including this member of the Yucca family just uphill from the Pacific Ocean.

Even from the Pacific shore - this is at Los Cerritos, south of Todos Santos, the hills are green. Another tropical storm is rolling in, and more rain is expected tomorrow. We expect that the desert in Baja will continue to give up it's wet season gifts for several months to come. How could we be so lucky!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Back in La Paz

We flew back to La Paz on October 1st, sad to leave family and friends and spectacular Portland fall weather. But it is great to be back in La Paz. We are renting a house for this month, as there is work to be done on the boat. This also gives us midday sanctuary from the blazing heat - close to 100 degrees most days. I am seeing lots of sunrises as I walk the Malecon along the waterfront every morning - the only time of day cool enough for exercise.
We have posted a passel of new photos on Flickr. You can find photos from our travels in August and September here:  Photos celebrating all the wonderful things we noticed as we spent time this summer staying in Other People's Houses can be found here:
We hear from the locals that there was rain on fifteen days in September. The surrounding hillsides are showing lots of green. We look forward to making some expeditions to see the desert in bloom.