Saturday, October 13, 2007

After the Mutiny

Ideally, there should have been a blog entry about the mutiny, which occurred late in the summer this year, and resulted in Indigo and her crew returning to Portland for the winter months. But I couldn’t figure out what a mutiny looked like – I couldn’t come up with an image. So for the moment, that story goes untold.
Moving on, this blog entry comes to you from a very fine October day six weeks or so after the mutiny. A warm October sun is low in the sky, illuminating downtown Portland, as we see it from our winter camp. We are billeted on the twelfth floor of an apartment building just a block from Powell’s Books, a Portland landmark familiar to almost anyone who has ever visited this part of the world. We are minutes away from groceries, theater, restaurants, shops – an interesting counterpoint to our wilderness summers. Most importantly, we are close to family and friends, and the mate has access to space to paint and work.
We are interested in applying the knowledge gained from living on the boat to a interim on land. We find it luxurious to inhabit even a small apartment, reveling particularly in a bathtub, a dishwasher, and a grocery store minutes away. Tho most exotic and pleasing luxury to date is the morning newspaper, delivered to our door, and available to read with morning coffee. Of course, nothing is more delightful than friends and family nearby.