Sunday, December 07, 2008


Our first week in La Paz has flown by like a shooting star. We have spent four hours a day in Spanish classes, and more hours learning our way around the city and catching up on chores and connections.
Mid week, we had three nights where we could see this wonderful convergance - the new moon in the west seemed to be hanging above Venus and Jupiter - beautiful from dusk and for several hours after dark. Although at the edge of the city, the sky here is comparatively clear and unpolluted. Click on the photo above to see the photo in more detail.
We have posted many more photos from the last six months of travel on Flickr. You can find the Flicker page by clicking on the link at the right that says "Photos from Indigo's Travels".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Picture.

I am amazed at the black sky and absolute lack of stars. Do you have a special photo technique?

Got one sorta like yours from here in PDX taken during one of our pink and blue sunsets. The planets and moon were lined up vertically.


December 12, 2008 8:43 AM  

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