Monday, December 01, 2008

Old Friends in New Places

While kayaking along the south shore of Isla Partida, we came upon a dozen or so herons, along the waterline or perched up on the tumbled, eroded rock faces. We assumed immediately that they were an exotic, Mexican heron. But on close inspection, they turned out to be the familiar Great Blue Heron – Portland’s city bird!
Looking at the photo, you’ll have to admit that this isn’t the setting we Pacific Northwesterners are accustomed to. Red rock and cactus don’t immediately suggest Great Blue Herons.
Bird watching is a lazy man’s sport from a boat at anchor, and we spent one long afternoon watching an unfamiliar bird that fished by diving from great heights, straight down into the water like an arrow. After several hours of work with binoculars, bird books, and beer, we discovered we were watching Blue Footed Boobies. New friends in an exotic setting.


Anonymous Rob said...

We have blue herons in Illinois! We were kayaking on the Kennebego River in Maine and ruffled a few blue herons around a bend. Odd to see one next to a cactus... whatever works.

December 04, 2008 9:48 AM  

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