Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Perspective on Voting

We tied up at the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard for a few days, and made forays by rental car to Ventura and into Los Angeles. We experienced the hot, dry Santa Ana winds, a closeup view of a wildfire, and awe-inspiring traffic. We also managed to catch up with our mail ballots from Oregon (many thanks to the mate's cousin John Ridgway). Once we posted the ballots, we left Oxnard, and crossed back to Santa Cruz Island. Today we are making the fifty mile crossing to Catalina Island.
The photo above is of the oil rigs in the Santa Barbara Channel. Although it is just one of dozens of issues in this campaign, off-shore drilling for oil has become to be sort of an indicator issue for us. We are hoping for a change in leadership, a move away from the kind of short-sighted, easy fix that increased off shore drilling would represent. We are holding our breath and hoping this election brings a new kind of leadership.


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