Friday, November 28, 2008

El destino

We have reached our destination. Geographically, we are just a dozen or so miles from La Paz, where we will spend the next few months. But before surrendering to the security of the marina, we are spending a few days anchored in a bay between Isla Partida and Isla Espiritu Santo. It feels just right, it must be "el destino", the place we have been heading for. The water is turquoise and very clear. Beaches of white sand run along the shore. Steep cliffs rise up several thousand feet to our north and south, made up of reddish lava rock, with sparse cacti and brush here and there. Kayak expeditions take us to heron hangouts and reefs alive with fish. Crazy winds blow up at sunset, mocking our sense of security and laid back comfort, but bouncing the boat only gently now that we are protected from the swell of the open Pacific.
Yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a dinner made out of our now depleted stores - pumpkin flan was the closest we could get to traditional, but we were very thankful, none the less for this fine 'destino'.


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