Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sitka to San Diego

Indigo has now carried us from Sitka to San Diego!

In 2004, the first year we sailed Indigo, we traveled as far north as Sitka, on beautiful Baranoff Island, in Southeast Alaska. The summer sun didn't fade until nearly eleven, we were fascinated with totem poles, the sea sparkled, the air was brisk, and hot springs were our greatest delight. We covered lots of miles, and explored dozens and dozens of anchorages, and determined that we would travel more slowly in the future.

This year, we have sailed Indigo as far south as San Diego. The days are short, but the warm air persists into the evening hours and the Southern California waters have their own sparkle. We are interested in cactus, and are more likely to soak in a hot tub.

If we had sailed directly from Sitka to San Diego, it would have been a trip of about 1800 miles. But our log tells us that we have covered nearly 15,000 miles since we set out on Indigo. This says alot about our favored mode of travel.

We do plan to continue south without going around in circles. If all goes as planned, we will leave San Diego after Election Day, and travel down the Pacific Coast of Baja California, hoping to reach La Paz, Baja California Sur, by December 1st.


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