Friday, January 09, 2009

Leaping Manta Rays

It's true - leaping Manta Rays. On video, actually. But first, let's put this in context. We returned to La Paz yesterday after a week spent traveling with our son Sam and his lovely Kate in the mountains and then on the boat in the islands north of here. It was a great visit, and we were sad to see them leave for home today.

We had all kinds of weather - some calm and sunny and hot; some downwind sailing in near gale force winds, a few mellow hours sailing with the spinaker. There was some great hiking, including this ridge walk on Isla San Francisco.

Sam and Kate explored the anchorages by dinghy and kayak, finding that the water temperatures are cooler now. We all cooked and ate like kings - the chicken with guajillo chili sauce is getting better, and Sam and Kate introduced us to an amazing pasta dish. There were many scrabble games, and the Captain and I learned that loosing to Sam and Kate was made easier by shots of tequila.

The wildlife highspot of the trip came when we were anchored in Caleta Partida at the north end of Isla Espiritu Santo. We had seen a few odd creatures jumping out of the water, and had guessed they were some sort of ray. Late one afternoon, we heard quite alot of slapping and splashing, and found that our boat was surrounded by at least a half dozen rays, and that they were leaping three to five feet out of the water.

We still don't know why they were jumping, but we were able to see them well enough to identify them as Manta Rays. Friends Steven and Darusha, shown here on their sailing vessel 'Scream', took this video (click here to view the video) of the rays around Indigo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously do not know what was going on here, but "jumping" fish are often feeding on surface prey or they are being chased.

Did you see any sharks?


January 11, 2009 4:58 PM  

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