Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More about Full Baja Mode

Our friend Charlie sent us this note:

"What is full Baja mode?
After spending much time in Mexico, to me it spells indolence.
What is it to two super intelligent and motivated gringos?
Happy sailing"

Made us think – how do we spend our days? They seem to fly by.

Hiking, climbing the headlands and exploring shorelines. Taking photographs, like the one above, and later editing the photos.

Paddling in the kayaks, which can take us to beaches, rocks, and coves that seem  undiscovered.

Swimming and snorkeling, especially the past week, when our friend Linnea has been traveling with us. She and the Captain have been spending long stretches snorkeling along the rocky shores. The water in the Sea of Cortez remains cool – 60 degrees this morning – so wet suits are the ticket.

Painting and sketching. The mate has figured out some easier ways to set up gear to work on paintings on the boat. Here are two current paintings under review in the cockpit.

Cooking and baking. Full Baja mode means we seldom have access to a grocery store, so we are baking our own bread, and stretching the fresh produce out over ten days or two weeks. We've adopted an ambitious goal of learning how to use the unfamiliar Mexican fruits and vegetables, like the tomatillos above.

Sailing and traveling. Yesterday we had a boisterous downwind sail in 15 to 25 knots of wind, traveling from San Juanico to Ballandra Bay on Isla Carmen.

Oh, and then assembling, disassembling, cleaning up, stowing, rearranging, and maintaining all the gear needed to do the above.  If we were really super intelligent, maybe we wouldn't be expending the extra time and effort necessary to live on a boat.  But indolent - we don't think so!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats exactly what I would have thought for two super intelligent and motivated gringos. My initial concept of Baja Mode was a condition of constant relaxation and cold beer.

So, I guess I will interpret Baja Mode to mastery of a less nurturing environment, becoming one with the elements which are location unique and exceptional equanimity with constant surprise.

Happy sailing


April 18, 2012 12:37 PM  
Blogger June said...

Can't wait to see more paintings in May. Happy sailing. June

April 19, 2012 7:21 PM  

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