Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Around Isla Carmen

Over the past week, we made a trip around Isla Carmen. We were favored with good crew – the Captain’s cousin, Antoinette – and great weather. We were able to make some good hikes. One of the best was from Ensenada Ballandra. The little canyon and watercourse that lead back into the Island has plentiful vegetation, and we saw lots of birds, including this bold Cardinal, which sat so still for my camera.

We anchored at Punta Prieta and at Punta Colorado on the west side of the island, and made a stop between them at Bahia Salinas. A hunting resort now occupies some of the buildings remaining from the time when there was an active salt works at this location. The island supports a population of the mountain sheep native to the Baja mountains, and hunters pay handsomely for the experience of stalking and shooting these rare animals.

There are other buildings which have fallen into fading ruin.

We hiked inland to look at the salt flats, which show odd colors and patterns in the remains of the ponds.

It speaks to the fine weather that a location this remote and austere can look so beautiful.


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