Sunday, April 08, 2012

Baja Mode

We are easing into full Baja mode, with days and nights at anchor under clear skies.  Like any campers, we adapt to distance from grocery stores and supplies, and appreciate the sunsets, sunrises, and  - during this last full moon – moonrise and moonset.

We sailed to the anchorage called San Juanico last Wednesday, and stayed there for four days. The beaches along this bay were festive with large groups of Mexican campers celebrating their holidays during Semana Santa – the week between Palm Sunday and Easter.  We kayaked and hiked the shorelines. But we especially liked watching the large Mexican family groups swim, fish, and explore the bay.  Above – a photo of one jolly man with his sons and nephews fishing in the fading evening light. 

Full Baja mode also means we are cooking more of our food from scratch. If you have  followed this blog for several years (bless you, patient friend), you will know about bread baked in our very small oven, in our even smaller 2 quart enameled cast iron casserole.  Each year, depending on many variables - the flour we can buy, the climate, and the yeast we are using – we have to experiment to figure out how to make great bread.  I think we have hit our stride for this year, as shown in the photo above. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is full Baja mode?

After spend much time in Mexico, to me it spells indolence.

What is it to two super intelligent and motivated gringos?

Happy sailing


April 09, 2012 4:04 PM  

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