Saturday, February 18, 2012


We were eager to go to Yelapa, a village tucked into the mountainous southern shore of Bandaras Bay, accessible only by boat.  Because there are no roads, there are supposedly many trails, and hiking in a quiet, sunny location sounded great to us.

We ended up making two trips to Yelapa. The first involved taking a bus the twenty or so miles into Puerto Vallarta, then a 45 minute ride on a panga to Yelapa.  We settled into a oceanside, thatched roofed cabin, and stayed the night. Rain began about sunset, and continued all night. The electricity failed, and the morning was damp and drizzling. We beat a retreat, wet and chilly enough for a sauna once back at the boat.

Our second trip to Yelapa was more successful. We sailed across Bandaras Bay from La Cruz, and tied up to a mooring offered by a local restaurant owner, who also took us ashore in his panga. The photo above shows the Captain with our friends Chris and Paul, with Indigo moored in the bay beyond.

We had only an hour or so to explore onshore, but got the feel of the town, which is built on the steep shoreline. Stairs and steep cobblestone paths wind among the buildings on the slopes. Trails wind back into the hills, to waterfalls and viewpoints.

And then there is the beach to enjoy. We will return to Yelapa sometime in the future - in the hopes that we can encounter sunshine and blue skies!


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