Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Skies of Bandaras Bay

We returned to Bandaras Bay ten days ago on a beautiful, clear day. The skies were a deep blue, and the winds favorable for great sailing from Cabo Corrientes across to La Cruz. I was mesmorized by the odd formations of isolated, high clouds, making patterns of lines and grids. Maybe this was a portent of a change in the weather.

By the following day, the skies had turned gray, and rain showers swept through now and then. We had spectacular cloud formations, and even a double rainbow over the anchorage at La Cruz.

Our friends Chris and Paul came to visit, and they weren't daunted by the gray skies. We went into old Puerto Vallarta to walk the city center, the malacon, and visit galleries.  The damp air got heavier, and thunder threaded. When rain started we sheltered under un overhang on a street corner. For the better part of an hour, we waited and watched as torrential rain fell, and the streets began to run like rivers with muddy water.

Eventually the rain stopped, and we waded ankle deep to a bar to drink a beer while the water level dropped. And that's the weather report from beautiful Bandaras Bay.


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