Friday, January 20, 2012

El Otro Lado....

We have crossed over from the Baja Peninsula to the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The crossing from San Jose del Cabo to Mazatlan - about 160 miles - was easy with great stargazing early in the night passage, and a moon rising about midnight that resembled an orange section.  The light just before dawn, near Mazatlan, illuminated the sails so gently.

After a few days moored in Mazatlan, our longtime friend and sailing companion, Doug Bayley joined us. Reunited, we sailed south and east to San Blas, the historic home port of the Spanish Pacific fleet. These days, San Blas is a small, but vibrant coastal fishing town, but once it was the starting point for Spanish exploration that ranged as far north as Sitka, in what is now Alaska.

While tied up in San Blas, we hiked up the high hill where the Spaniards built their fort and garrison. The photo above is the interior of the church that was part of the garrison. It was first built in 1769; the stonework stands nearly untouched.

This mainland coast of Mexico is dramatically different than the Sea of Cortez.  Vegetation is lush; the vegetation along the shore is jungle, with palms and mangles. We are moving south quickly, now located at La Cruz in Bandares Bay,  and ready to set sail towards Barra Navidad.  We are in expedition mode with a great crew of three.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope that earth quake (and perhaps tsunami) did not cause you any problems. Post something so we know.


January 21, 2012 4:46 PM  

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