Friday, August 03, 2007

Clayoquot Sound

We have come as far as Clayoquot Sound, and, although we are close to Tofino and the hustle and bustle of tourism, we haven't had any access to internet, and our radio email has been sporadic. So we will have to use words alone to tell you about how fine it is to have a week of sunshine. We have sampled four different anchorages in Clayoquot Sound, each different.
My favorite moments: first, paddling the kayaks from our salt water anchorage up into the mouth of a fresh water river. After about a mile, the water became crystal clear, the shallow bottom was perfectly uniform river rocks, and the air hit us both like a wave of ambrosia. Hauntingly familiar yet exotic, it was fresh air - or should I say salt-free air. We thought of alpine valleys, and, looking around, realized we were in one, with mountains rising straight up on all sides.
Second, today we were kayaking back to the sailboat, when we heard an odd, prolonged growl from some sort of critter. Neither one of us could identify it - not wolf, not seal, not bear or eagle. Then we realized - it was the growl of a truck on a dirt road. Chagrined, we checked the chart - yes, there is a road alongside this bay. Good to know that one can become naive again at such an advanced age.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The position web site indicates you are now back in civilization.

My condolences. Even if it is Uculet.

Safe sailing.


August 08, 2007 4:41 PM  

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