Thursday, July 19, 2007

South of the Brooks Peninsula

South of the Brooks Peninsula, originally uploaded by macatay.

The Brooks Peninsula sticks out from the West coast of Vancouver Island like a sore thumb, and it plays havoc with the winds and the seas. All mariners are familiar with the litany of Environment Canada's west coast forecasts, something like: "northwest winds, 10-15 knots, except around the Brooks Peninsula, where gales are expected". Yesterday, we rounded the peninsula in 20-30 knots of Northwest wind, very boisterous sailing. But, having made that passage, we are enjoying an anchorage in a sheltered cove off Checlescet Bay. We are about as far as one can get from a paved road in British Columbia. We have eagles, rock arches, sea caves, wild rivers to kayak, and - across a small neck of land from the anchorage - the pristine beach in the picture. Truly magnificent, with a view that seems to stretch to Japan. The only prints in the sand are made by bears and heron. The only sounds are the wind and the waves. Just south of the Brooks is a pretty remarkable corner of the world.


Anonymous Rob said...

Absolutely beautiful photo and description. The concept of time always take on a different meaning when one finds a desolate wonderful area.

July 24, 2007 12:31 PM  

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