Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice, originally uploaded by macatay.

We send along best wishes and high hopes that each of you is enjoying this longest day. It was our goal to be in the Queen Charlotte Islands by the Summer Solstice, so we feel a great sense of accomplishment. We are anchored in a bay that deeply indents the south side of Graham Island, west of the communities at Skidegate and Queen Charlotte. Close by above us are peaks still studded with snowfields. We are exploring new territory, but also hiding out - once again - in protected waters since gales persist in the open water. The Captain is making quite a study of weather faxes, and is developing a personal grudge against a persistent low pressure system that has been stationary a few hundred miles out in the Pacific for the past five days, and is predicted to remain in much the same place for the next five. We expect that means more vistas like the photo above. There is a good reason why the locals call the Queen Charlottes the "Misty Isles".


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