Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Symphony

July: Andante.
Languid, hot days in the Gulf and San Juan Islands. Lazy hikes on headlands covered with grasses toasted golden. Lingering outdoors late into the evening. Downwind sailing even slowly entire days when sailing is a state of being, and destination is wherever.

Early August: Allegretto
Quick, foggy trip across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port Angeles. Brisk road trip to Portland. Frenetic hunt for a winter apartment. Lavish visiting, happy celebrations. Rapid return to the boat. Intense radar and radio, fogbound passage to Barkley Sound. A few rainy days and transition to cruising speed.

Mid August: Andante cantabile.
Sunshine sparkles on rocks and water, warms and dries us in Barkley Sound. Spinnaker sailing. Beach hiking. Herring and salmon jumping; whales splashing. Moon dark sky with endless stars and galaxies and clusters.
(New photos loaded on Flickr are available here)


Blogger SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

I was wondering if you would be interested in being interviewed for a free resource that I am creating called "The Interview With A Cruiser Project" (http://interviewwithacruiser.blogspot.com). A good description of the project can be found on the feature by Three Sheets NW (http://threesheetsnw.com/blog/archives/8872). People seem rather excited about the project and I think it will be a good traffic generator for those who leave their own blog/website linked, for those that want that.

The idea is that I ask cruisers 10 questions via email and post the questions and their answers interview-style. The primary audience is people dreaming of cruising (a.k.a. armchair cruisers) and those actively preparing to cruise.

The only criteria I have for participants is that they have been cruising outside of their home country for more than 2 years (whether their cruise is ongoing or finished).

Would you perhaps be interested and/or know someone who fits the criteria who might be interested? It is an ongoing project so once I've sent the questions you can return your responses at your leisure.

Thanks for your time and if you are not interested, no worries. By way of introduction, we just recently started our own cruise on SV Estrellita 5.10b, our Wauquiez Pretorien 35 (http://thegiddyupplan.blogspot.com)

Cheers, Livia

June 27, 2011 6:23 AM  

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