Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Backing Down

Gray dawn early last Tuesday we rousted ourselves to sail around the north end of Vancouver Island. First, though, we listened to the latest weather report, which had been revised and predicted strong southerlies for days in the future, very unfavorable for rounding Cape Scott and the Brooks Peninsula. As he is prone to do, the Captain mumbled something about the wind always blowing in our faces. Something in the mate snapped - I said, OK, let's just sail downwind. We could ride the northwest wind, still strong on the east side of the island, back down the way we came, with the added bonus of a return to the warm waters at the north end of the Georgia Strait.
So we backed down, a move with a spectacular payoff. We had two long Spinnaker runs coming down the Johnstone Strait, a wonderfully quiet and comfortable way to sail, and perfect sunny weather to boost. Since then we have had five more warm and sunny days, with fine sailing each day, and afternoons back to the shorts and barefeet we enjoyed in Mexico.


Blogger jed said...

Mac & Catherine

My brother-in-law is retiring from Genentech and is trying to decide between a 43 and 48 ft Hallberg-Rassey.

He would be interested in your thoughts on living on a 43 vs 48ft boat. He can be reached at bobmass106@gmail.com - thanks

I follow your blog weekly, living vicariously through your travels.

July 27, 2009 8:10 PM  
Blogger Dad said...

I was on the May Dockwise delivery to Nanaimo (Sceptre with all the solar panels - 2nd to last on).
Will you email me please?

August 17, 2009 3:25 PM  

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