Saturday, April 11, 2009

Around Loreto

We’ve spent the last week exploring the islands in Loreto Bay. We climbed the volcanic peak on Isla Coronado (the photo above shows the Captain on the lava flow next to one of the odd trees called the Elephant Tree), watched the moon each evening as it passed through the full moon phase, and weathered several nights at anchor when a weird west wind blew up and created uncomfortable swell. Because it is Semana Santa – the week leading up to Easter – it is a holiday for many Mexicans, and there have been lots of boats out, many with big, boisterous family groups. We thoroughly enjoy sharing the beaches, especially when there are kids around.

Aside from the great and varied island anchorages, we like this area now that we have perfected the provisioning stop in Loreto. We have twice had luck on calm mornings anchoring off the small harbor there, and taking the dinghy into the shallow waters and the pier. It’s an easy walk to several shops and the supermarket. In less than two hours we can be back on the boat with fresh produce and everything else we need for another few weeks of cruising. It’s like a raid on Loreto, except that we are perfectly well behaved.


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