Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crossing Over and Back

This messages comes from the middle of the Sea of Cortez. We are crossing back to Baja after a short trip to Guaymas and San Carlos on the mainland side. We explored the San Carlos area a little, traveled to Guaymas to get some additional groceries, and sailed thirty miles north on the mainland coast to anchor for several nights at the pretty Bahia San Pedro, where all the rolling swell from the entire Sea of Cortez seems to concentrate itself at night. Despite its spectacular rocky shoreline, the charms of San Carlos mostly eluded us. Maybe because the only other time we had been there was exactly 40 years ago. As college seniors on a spring break escapade, we camped on the beach, and the deserted Mexican coast seemed to go on forever undisturbed. Obviously lots has changed since then, but what has grown up is a weak hybrid, neither very Mexican or entirely North American.
Fortunately, we are recovering our good spirits with some good sailing. Today we have an excellent Northwest wind of about 15 knots, giving us a perfect sail across the sea. That's the Captain in the photo, taken a few days ago sailing wing on wing with a following wind, and munching on a chicken and bean burrito. We are on our way back to the quiet of relatively undeveloped Bahia Concepcion.


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