Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Port Townsend

Late last week, summer broke out in the Pacific Northwest, bringing us a string of picture perfect days with the deepest and clearest of blue skies and warm breezes. We were making a stop in Port Townsend to arrange to have a cruising spinnaker made and have some other work done on our sails. The photo above shows 'Indigo' docked at Point Hudson, with the sail loft in the background. Port Townsend in general, and this small boat harbor in particular, are places where a sailor can feel fully at home. There are people everywhere messing around in boats - kayaking, rowing, sailing. There are more classic boats and handboats per square foot of water than anyplace else.
Our rambles around Port Townsend on land were also satisfying in the beautiful weather. The gardens were overflowing with bloom, and even the back lots were covered with wild poppies. There were high points - a terrific farmer's market, and an opportunity to sit at an outdoor cafe and enjoy live blues on a warm evening in the last of the summer dusk.


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