Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chores in Wired Vacationland

We are anchored out at Roche Harbor, at the edge of the genteel resort. The sketch above is of one of the pretty farms along the shore of Westcott Bay. Our purpose here is to troubleshoot a short list of boat systems while we still have our US cell phone coverage, and good high speed internet. So far the Captain has reactivated the watermaker and fine tuned the hoist for the dinghy motor. I have been working on technical issues related to the blog and a improved antenna for access to wireless internet. It’s come to the point where, while in Canada, we can make phone calls at 79 cents a minute on our US cell phones, or about 2 cents a minute using Skype via the internet. In less populated areas now, wireless internet is by far more likely than any kind of cell phone coverage.


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