Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rock + Tree

Rock + Tree, originally uploaded by macatay.

We have rounded Cape Caution, which means that we are now on British Columbia's North Coast. Whether it is geography or coincidence, we now have cooler and more unsettled weather. Even under gray skies, we venture out in the kayaks. On Penrose Island, just north of Cape Caution, our paddling took us among rocky islets that stand between the anchorage and big water. In this spot, the big water is the Pacific Ocean. Although it is broken some by a web of reefs and rocks, there was a genuine ocean swell, so that as we padded along we were raised up two or three feet, then gently lowered down again. It provided an interesting view of the shore and marine life - like being in a glass elevator. The pairing of rock and tree sketched above were one of the discoveries from this fluid vantage point.


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