Monday, November 13, 2006

McNabb's Ferry

Eagle Harbor:
One of the views from our current moorage is this old ferry, The Olympia, now retired from the Washington State Ferry fleet, and gracing the outer dock of the marina. The ferry belongs to McNabb, our landlord, and over the years it has developed an interesting patina of rust and salt and a poinant sense of faded glory. When we were first tied up here, I found it a bit depressing. But familiarity drew me to the curve, the colors, and the odd features that only appear on car ferries. It begged to be painted.
The weather has also favored painting from inside the boat. Storm after storm has passed through. We've taken to reading the weather forecaster's discussion, which is posted on the NOAA website. Yesterday, the forecaster on duty predicted that today would be very stormy, but Tuesday would be dry. New paragraph, which began with the word "Alas": "Alas, another major storm will approach on Wednesday. The boat feels like an ark, bobbing around on the water and - so far - impervious to leaks.


Anonymous Rob said...

Beautiful painting. No leaks, no runs, no errors...

November 14, 2006 6:55 AM  

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