Sunday, October 22, 2006

The North Fork Valley

The North Fork of the Gunnison River cuts a wide valley, flowing west from McClure Pass and the mountains near Aspen and Carbondale. The valley is distinct from other Colorado places – intensely agricultural, long settled, and home to a host of small family farms and wineries. We learned so much more about the valley community this year.
Over the past ten days we have worked (or played) at picking grapes, winter greenhouse gardening, cooking, cleaning and repairing equipment, and making wine. We got very muddy and sticky with grape juice. We waited on the highway for a big herd of sheep to pass, and we rushed around picking the last tomatoes and putting away equipment before winter storms arrive. We met organic gardeners and winemakers, and felt like a part of the community as we listened to live music late at night in Paonia (particularly a live performance by singer-songwriter Eliza Gilkerson!)
We may be nomads and skeptics, but we can't help but be impressed by the optimism, energy, and enthusiasm of our friends Wink and Max and their neighbors in the North Fork Valley. (Visit their website at We applaud the generosity of spirit in the people, and admire the place they are inhabiting and creating.


Anonymous rob said...

northern skies are the most dazzling of all. reminds me of northern maine

October 23, 2006 8:41 AM  

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