Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Captain's Dinner

The Captain's Dinner, originally uploaded by macatay.

The Captain is a fine cook. Tonight he made a beautiful stew of pork with butternut squash and carrots, served along with a brown rice pilaf. Extra effort is rewarded by the crew with accolades. We are four now, since Master Sam and his Kate have joined us. We are settled into Tennedos Bay, another of the remarkable Desolation Sound anchorages, this one ringed with high cliffs. Kate is smart, and has taken to swimming in the warm water each afternoon; the rest of us aren't so brave.

We are so pleased to have more crew with whom to share special things, like the Captain's Dinner.


Anonymous Rob said...

The picture is making my mouth water. The cooks of the vascular way are plentiful. Viewing this masterful dish made me think of Dr. Porter and how he would have loved to read this blog. Oh the comments he would have made. I can only imagine. I am sure he would have responded well to the Captain's meal. Bon Appetit!

July 20, 2006 7:19 PM  

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