Friday, July 14, 2006

Soaking the Anchor

Soaking the Anchor, originally uploaded by macatay.

Carrington Bay, Cortes Island, BC
That's what we are doing - we are soaking the anchor. We have set our anchor at the head of Carrington Bay, a deep inlet into Cortes Island, and are letting the wind and the current swing us around, theoretically digging our anchor deep into the gravel and rock at the bottom.
A side note: Chapman's, our basic nautical reference book, warns not to overdo the use of nautical terms: "It is hoped that the (boatman's) enthusiasm for boating will not cause him to toss indiscriminate 'AVASTS', 'AHOYS', and 'BELAYS' into every conceivable nook and corner of his conversation. Strained Efforts to affect a salty lingo are conspicuously inappropriate."
But it's just one term, and we like it: soaking the anchor. And we hope it holds, because there is a large, pristine lagoon beyond the bay here. Its outfall - quickly sketched above - is a short set of rapids. We hope to carry the kayaks over the land next to the rapids and kayak the lagoon. Once we've soaked the anchor.


Blogger Owen said...

AAARGH! Sounds like a plan matey.

July 14, 2006 6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The correct term is "arrrrrr".

As in, Arrrr, good kayaking to ye.


July 14, 2006 6:56 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Not being a seaman, my entry of your degrees, minutes, and seconds into Mapquest kept sending me to a remote location in Russia...then it dawned on me, try a minus in front of the 124...

July 14, 2006 7:42 PM  

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