Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Down at Waterline

Down at Waterline, originally uploaded by macatay.

We have a two-man kayak, a very funny looking inflatable red boat that seems like the Michelin Man of kayaks. When we are anchored in a good, complex place, we blow up the kayak and paddle off to explore places no sailboat can go. We’ve even found some tidal rapids, where a narrow passage separates a lagoon from a broader bay, and been able to ride back eddies up and shoot the white water down again, albeit in Michelan Man style.

The best kayaking so far has been at low, low tide. Then we are right down at the very lowest waterline, eye level with lots of sea life that is usually underwater. Loads of star fish of every color and configuration. This odd sea anemone, which we think is a mottled anemone, was one of our favorite finds. Best of all is that we are on a level to see the spouts of water sent up from the clams in the mud flats – a sight that never fails to make us laugh like eleven-year olds.


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