Thursday, July 28, 2011

April Point

After six years traveling on Indigo, we have discovered that sailors develop irrational fondness for the various marinas and anchorages we encounter. We are currently tied up at April Point on Quadra Island. We are about two miles across the water from Campbell River, which is the largest town on this middle region of Vancouver Island.  The water between Quadra Island and Campbell River is alive with fierce currents - flowing four knots north at the ebb tide, then turning and flowing just as strong at the flood. But here at the marina inside of April Point it is nearly always calm.

This marina is owned by the Oak Bay Group, a very large corporation which runs fishing lodges all up and down the BC coast. The April Point Lodge, which sits right at the edge of the swift water passage a half mile from here,  is a busy destination for fishermen and tourists. But the marina is quieter, mostly because it is mainly occupied by huge yachts, which sit here with crew on board, waiting for owners and guests to arrive for the occasional visit.  Some cruisers on small boats find this intimidating or offputting. We have adopted the opposite attitude, since this marina is in an incredibly beautiful location and is remarkably peaceful.

Thinking back, I wonder if our fondness for this place comes from our first visit. Fifteen years ago, we ducked into this marina when a storm was developing. The Captain was disabled by a back injury, and our son Sam and I were worried about getting him back home as quickly as possible. It was clear that we couldn't travel while the storm raged, and we were so grateful to be tied up in a place where we could all rest and feel safe. For whatever reason, I have always felt at home here since then.


Blogger Kate said...

Loved April Point!

Looks the sun found you, too.

July 29, 2011 2:17 PM  

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